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I worked in many fields like product management, IT project management, web development or design over the course of my career. Additionally, I founded my own startups and professionalized my entrepreneurship skills working for well known German company builders / Venture Capitalists.

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Online projects are my passion since I got my hands on my first PC at the age of 12. I build and develop them since. Today we are living in the most interesting times to create new awesome online projects and products that make the life of users and customers better. Lets start!

my repertoire

  • Online Product Management & Product Owner

    Planning of digital projects and products from the initial idea phase to market & competitive analysis and efficient development to make them reality. I use Minimum Viable Products (MVP) to iterate projects step by step based on validations and metrics. As a product manager I strive to find the most efficient way to render your projects into reality quickly. The coordination and management of stakeholder requests, designers, developers and all other experts, coworkers and freelancers in the project is part of my business.

  • WordPress Development & Rapid Prototyping

    Fast and with the best cost – success ratio from the idea for a startup, information product or project to the finishing line using the versatility of WordPress CMS as a foundation.

  • IT – Project Management

    Just getting the job done in time and without exploding costs and to ensure that the working result looks and functions like the written concept and mockups that the stakeholders intended to realize. – That’s my job as an IT project manager in short.




LOCATION: Depends:
Born and based in Hamburg, Germany – travelling the world frequently.

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